How to Personalize Your Wedding

Your wedding is an expression of who you are and the future you plan to share with the man/woman of your dreams. Now is the time to splash your signature style all over every part of your special day. Wave your creative wand over every aspect of the venue, menu and decor.

Have fun with it and celebrate YOU!

Here are a few fun ways to personalize your wedding to make it an unforgettable experience for your family and friends who won’t be able to stop saying: “That is so you!” over and over.

Let’s start with choosing a venue.

Are you the laid back, casual, rustic type? Maybe a beautiful barn or horse ranch is for you.

History buff or love historical romance novels? Choose any of the number of historic sites in the New England area that offer a serene, classic atmosphere that provides the perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding.

Is there a particular season you just adore?  Do you dream of a winter wonderland? Or does being near the water invigorate and inspire you? There are beaches and lakes, hills and mountains, flowers and trees and gardens. Nature is so full of vitality and beauty that you can use to enhance your nuptial journey.

There is truly a venue for every mood and preference.

The main thing is that the venue be an expression of your unique personality and taste.

How about an overall theme to the wedding. Here are some ideas :


2.The 20s

3.The 70s

4.The 80s

5.The 90s

6.Midcentury Modern

7.Ancient Greece

8.Eighteenth Century

9.Wizard of Oz

10.Vintage Circus


12.Vintage Travel

13.Harry Potter

14.Walking Dead

15.Retro Bohemian

16.Alice in Wonderland

17.Wizardry and Whimsy


19.Game of Thrones



22.Winter Rustic

23.Country and Cattle


25.Vibrant Mexican



28.Color and Texture

29.Pop of Color



32.Outdoor fall

33.Playful Barn

34.Fourth of July

35.Winter Wonderland

36.Pink Candy Land Christmas

37.Pumpkin Patch

38.Haunted Harvest

39.First Date

40.Kentucky Derby

41.Fine Art and Sculpture

42.Modern Art

43.Art Deco


45.Super Mario

46.Board Game




50.Outdoor Vintage

51.Bohemian Vintage

52.Glamorous Vintage

53.Children’s Museum



56.Rock Concert

57.New York City


59.Urban Jungle

60.White Desert Sands





65.Sequins and Glitter


67.Tropicana and Balloons

68.Sophisticated Secret Garden

69.Woodland Wonderland



72.Rocker Glam


74.Sophisticated Classic

75.Halloween Spooky


77.Hunger Games


I think you get the picture. The ideas are absolutely endless and you can really have fun with it.

Don’t be afraid to break from tradition when it comes to your ceremony either.

Spend this special time crafting your vows in a way that is meaningful to you both and that will carve themselves into your hearts forever. If poetry is your thing, write a sonnet in calligraphy on special parchment. Do you love a particular piece of music? Incorporate it into the ceremony. This is your day to shine in the way that you always dreamed of–not a time to please the rest of the world.

Want to ensure that your vows are displayed and kept safe? Write them on your wedding cake or embroider them on a tapestry. Have them beautifully written on parchment and place them in a time capsule to be opened on a future anniversary.

One ingenious idea is to write your vows on the wedding day aisle runner and use it as a backdrop for some uniquely memorable photos. Engrave vows on hanging prints, jewelry, cufflinks, pillows, posters, handkerchiefs–all ways to make sure your wedding vows stay top of mind and heart.

If your ceremony is more traditional, you can always change tacks and incorporate a different unique theme into the reception.  

Weave your personality into a theme that seamlessly flows throughout each part of the day. What do you love? What speaks to your deepest desires and interests?

If you love to travel, make a travel theme and have food stations with exotic foods from different countries. The tables can each represent its own country and be decorated with flags and cultural symbols.

Are you an artist or a musician?

Have each table focus on an album or famous artist and adorn it with their unique signature style. Color schemes can reflect the personality of each artist and you can really get creative with this.

Play the music you love–and dance the night away with the people you love most.

Don’t leave the music selection up to the band or DJ. Unless that’s what you want. Request all your favorite songs to blend sweet memories with future dreams.

Who says the bride and groom don’t get to eat at their weddings? Who made that unspoken rule?

Eat drink and be merry!

Create a menu around your favorite foods and drinks. The food can go along with your theme or not. It’s up to you.

The world is truly your oyster on this special day.

Finally, let’s talk about wedding favors.

Not everybody gives out favors and it is definitely not a requirement.

But if you want to use a bit more of your creativity and leave your guests with a memory that lasts a lifetime, consider these cute but budget friendly ideas, all personalized:

  • Colorful glittery mini-clothes pins
  • Credit card bottle openers
  • Personalized wedding glass coasters
  • Naturally vintage tent favor boxes
  • Monogrammed Hershey Kisses
  • White matches with personalized box
  • Toothpick box
  • Personalized rustic favor bags
  • Organic leaves placecards
  • Personalized mint life savers boxes
  • Bubbles in wedding cake shaped bottle
  • Wedding bubbles in champagne bottle

What’s most important on your special day is to revel in an atmosphere of fun and celebration that suits your unique personality and taste. As you have seen, the choices are endless and the sky’s the limit when it comes to using your creativity to make your dream wedding into a reality.

And if too many choices and decisions stress you out, our team can help guide you and narrow down the playing field so this special time in your life can actually be enjoyable and fill you with anticipation without you having to worry about the nitty gritty details.

Call us now to schedule a free call and we can brainstorm together how to personalize your wedding day to make it an unforgettable experience for all.

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